This is Buggie

This is Buggie

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Great day!

For Buggie it was a great day!....They went to the Zoo with his class ( I had to work ) even with rain coming they made it there and back to the Zoo. I worried all day that he was going to meltdown for his para in the zoo but, when he bounced right off the school bus he had a skip in his step and went right into how awesome his day was! I was so happy I almost cried! He's had a rough last few weeks. So to see him so excited and ready to chat about his day and be so proud that he had all smilies on his report it was heartwarming.

On another note I feel like ASD has taken over my life!( and I don't even have it!) It's all I want to talk about, it's all I think about and worry about. I have made some lead ways tho. I contacted Burger School in Garden City, it's a school for all levels of ASD. Also the Special Ed teacher in Bugs school contacted them as well to have them come out and eval Bug to see if their school would be a good fit for him. Also sometime this week I'm going to try and get him an appointment with a neurologist, from what I have been told by other moms and teachers this is where I can start with a medical diagnosis.

So this is where we are right now.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

First ASD support group

Buggie and I went to a social group for kids with HFA, He had a blast until he forgot that they offered him the last ice pop and when we declined they gave it to another kid, and when it was time to leave he had a little meltdown but not to bad, I just had to explain to him that we all cant just play at the park all day, theres a lot of other things to be done.

I'm am having a little trouble disciplining him, his mouth has been awful lately and it's not curse words or anything like that it more talking back or when he don't get his way he tells me " I don't love you " or "your not the best mommie ever". So how do we discipline our HFA kids? I normally just take a way video game time or something like that. But it's dawned on me that when hes had a bad day at school is that his fault? Should we discipline him for that? Is it all because hes over stimulated? And if so how can we discipline him for something he has no control over? I'm I just spoiling my child? I think is this something I'll be bring up at his next ASD appointment.

Well I think hes going to have a good week at school this coming week, I feel that hes feeling better. ( he had an ear infection last wk and everyday we thought he was getting better and sent him off to school he got sent back home) No fevers this weekend and hes been up and playing more so I'm sure that the ear infection is gone let's cross our fingers for a great week at school!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh how I hope this will help!

Let's just start off with I'm not great and spelling, grammar and all that jazz. I hope this Blogging will help me with the feelings that I have about my son and him going threw the process of diagnosis. I also hope to find some support as well....speaking of support I got this blog site from a lady who is in a support group for asperger's. So big shout out to you missy for getting back to me in my time of need I haven't met any of the parents from Canton Aspergers's Network yet but so far you have all answered questions and have shown so much more support! <3

Ok! now with all that out of the way let's talk about why I'm here. I have a son who is 6, we call him Buggie. Buggie is going threw the process of diagnosis we are seeing a Pediatric Behavior Specialist and have been for about 9mos. So far I'm not sure what to think, I've never been threw this and neither has Bug. We see her every 3mos and it just seems like this last month has been spiraling out of control! At our last visit she wanted us to get him an EEG and a full blood draw. I don't know if this all HAS to be done for her to diagnosis him or not, (and I'm ok if he is or is not ASD I'm not looking for someone to label my baby I just want him to get the help he needs if he is ) but I don't think its going to happen.(the EEG and blood draw) We tried twice to get the EEG done and both times huge meltdowns happened. So they where not done. I don't feel comfortable making him do things that may terrorize him, and that is the feeling I got from him when we where in those offices. Am I wrong for not making him do it because it may help with him in the long run or did I do the right thing?

Now let's just talk about how all this started. Back when he was 3 we put him in preschool first we started out with a little preschool that was ran out of a church, well a few months into the school yr his teacher had some concerns with him not playing with the other kids and some speech and language. So she referred us to the local head start for the public schools where they did a speech eval. This is the first time my husband and I herd about ASD, but the lady said not to be worried don't freak out they are not sure yet more evals needed to be done and it would help if we put him in the head start program, less kids per teacher and all that. Well we did and I also looked up ASD and was totally confused! But as time went by he started getting better wanting to go to school and not melting down everyday. At his first IEP not much was said about ASD just that he was doing fine with what they had him doing and they where going to work on this and that. Ok great he did well in the class but he still was not playing with other kids he'd play along side of them, they said oh just let him do his thing he'll come along, and at this point I was thinking ok well at least hes not throwing a fit everyday and hes learning. At his last head start IEP they told me that he was labeled ASD so that his speech services and OT would be covered so no one ever told me I need to get him seen by a specialist and I was young and just didn't know much about anything. Fast forward to kindergarten and he has an awful time adjusting, I think within the first month I was there about 20 days picking him up early because of behavior. So a meeting was called and they sat me down and told me that he may need a para pro and some other services and we will meet back up in a few weeks. I got a call a few days later that a para pro has been found for him full time and shes really good with kids who have Autism.....WHAT!?! No one ever told me he for sure has Autism. I asked her "so hes diagnosed with Autism?" She said yes...How the hell does that happen with out him seeing a doctor? I was baffled ! and freaked out and I had no clue what was going on. But she told me we where going to have a meeting with the new para pro and hopefully with the para things would get better for him in class. Ok I was ok with that, but now I knew I had to find help for Bug. That's when we started seeing his Behavior Specialist.

Buggie is a great boy, when he is in a good mood. Now if you are trying to get him to do something he don't want to or don't know how to thats a different story. His temper is real short he screams and tells me that I'm a bad mom all kinds of things, but when hes not mad hes the most loving child ever tells me he loves me and that I'm the best mom ever. On another note hes also has low self esteem if he does something very small like spill a drink he starts the melt down with "I'm so dumb" or something along that line and I just don't know where he is getting this. I've never herd anyone tell him that he was dumb if I had they would regret it. He also has sensory things going on cupping ears at loud sounds, chewing on his shirt all the time, hitting himself in the head(not lightly), talking to himself and acting out things hes seen on Tv or video games, he remembers things very well, Takes his clothes off whenever he can, tip toes a little bit here and there, refuses most hygienic things like hair cuts and nail clippings, only eats about 10 things refuses to try new stuff, and hes pretty clumsy and refuses to ride a bike.

I don't know where I wanna go with all this I know that I just felt like if I wrote out somethings that where going on maybe, some how it would help me in my out let and let some stress out and also maybe I'd get a few supporters who have been threw what he and I are going threw.

I hope everyone has a great night !