This is Buggie

This is Buggie

Sunday, May 22, 2011

First ASD support group

Buggie and I went to a social group for kids with HFA, He had a blast until he forgot that they offered him the last ice pop and when we declined they gave it to another kid, and when it was time to leave he had a little meltdown but not to bad, I just had to explain to him that we all cant just play at the park all day, theres a lot of other things to be done.

I'm am having a little trouble disciplining him, his mouth has been awful lately and it's not curse words or anything like that it more talking back or when he don't get his way he tells me " I don't love you " or "your not the best mommie ever". So how do we discipline our HFA kids? I normally just take a way video game time or something like that. But it's dawned on me that when hes had a bad day at school is that his fault? Should we discipline him for that? Is it all because hes over stimulated? And if so how can we discipline him for something he has no control over? I'm I just spoiling my child? I think is this something I'll be bring up at his next ASD appointment.

Well I think hes going to have a good week at school this coming week, I feel that hes feeling better. ( he had an ear infection last wk and everyday we thought he was getting better and sent him off to school he got sent back home) No fevers this weekend and hes been up and playing more so I'm sure that the ear infection is gone let's cross our fingers for a great week at school!!

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