This is Buggie

This is Buggie

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Great day!

For Buggie it was a great day!....They went to the Zoo with his class ( I had to work ) even with rain coming they made it there and back to the Zoo. I worried all day that he was going to meltdown for his para in the zoo but, when he bounced right off the school bus he had a skip in his step and went right into how awesome his day was! I was so happy I almost cried! He's had a rough last few weeks. So to see him so excited and ready to chat about his day and be so proud that he had all smilies on his report it was heartwarming.

On another note I feel like ASD has taken over my life!( and I don't even have it!) It's all I want to talk about, it's all I think about and worry about. I have made some lead ways tho. I contacted Burger School in Garden City, it's a school for all levels of ASD. Also the Special Ed teacher in Bugs school contacted them as well to have them come out and eval Bug to see if their school would be a good fit for him. Also sometime this week I'm going to try and get him an appointment with a neurologist, from what I have been told by other moms and teachers this is where I can start with a medical diagnosis.

So this is where we are right now.

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